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The Association for the Cultural Promotion of Children is a national, non-governmental, non-profit Portuguese organization which develops leisure activities of a socio-cultural and educational nature for youths and children.

Holiday Camps in Portugal

The Holiday Camps are of irrefutable educational value since they provide children and youths with experiences and spaces that may contribute to the acquisition and consolidation of individual and social competencies. Competencies associated with the promotion of a set of social and human values, such as equal opportunities, solidarity, cooperation, social cohesion, respect for differences, active citizenship and participatory democracy.

Group Accommodation

The APCC has two Group Accommodation Centres, one in Vairão, in the north of Portugal and the other in Alvito, in the south of the country.
The Accommodation Centre of Vairão is very close to Vila do Conde, Porto and its International Airport.
The Accommodation Centre of Alvito is at approximately 40 km from Évora and Beja.
Both Centres offer exceptional accommodation and group activity conditions: holiday camps, exchanges, seminars, workshops, etc...

An Educational Project

Each activity is designed to encourage creativity, to fuel the desire to learn and to instil and develop curiosity in the youths. The years of learning, from infancy to adolescence are crucial to the formation of human beings as individuals: hence, we encourage the exchange of knowledge between different people and cultures through a set of collective activities geared towards broadening their horizons of understanding and respect of differences among all APCC participants.
It is our belief that later on, these experiences will be used in their personal lives as well as in their contribution to the community.

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