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An Educational Project

We set out to create spaces for leisure with pedagogical aims where children and youths may freely develop their personal skills.

In its work with children and youths, the Association wishes to contribute to a non-discriminatory, more just, more peaceful and unified society.

Our goal is to further the development of children and youths so that they become independent and responsible citizens, which are essential characteristics for a fair and democratic society.

In order to follow this path, it is fundamental that those who collaborate with us understand our values and objectives. The animation techniques we employ and which mobilise the children and youths towards a task, idea or project are based on essential life principles, such as organisation. 

Each activity is designed to encourage creativity, to fuel the desire to learn and to instil and develop curiosity in the youths. The years of learning, from infancy to adolescence are crucial to the formation of human beings as individuals: hence, we encourage the exchange of knowledge between different people and cultures through a set of collective activities geared towards broadening their horizons of understanding and respect of differences.

It is our belief that later on, these experiences will be used in their personal lives as well as in their contribution to the community. 

We all know that the values we defend are not transmitted solely by words, but primarily through our actions, the attitudes we adopt on a daily basis, through our Animators’ most simple gestures.

Through our practices, we project values based on solidarity, cooperation, social justice, peace and innovation.

The success of our mission relies heavily on two fundamental factors: empathy, which is established among the group members; the recreational and pedagogical content of the activities.

We are committed to assuring a favourable environment in which such empathy may flourish and, through the dedicated participation of the children and youths, to constructing activities in which entertainment and knowledge complement each other in a coherent and balanced manner.