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Holiday Camps

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Illustration: Alain Corbel

The Holiday Camps are of irrefutable educational value since they provide children and youths with experiences and spaces that may contribute to the acquisition and consolidation of individual and social competencies. Competencies associated with the promotion of a set of social and human values, such as equal opportunities, solidarity, cooperation, social cohesion, respect for differences, active citizenship and participatory democracy.

Our Pedagogical Project includes not only the planned activities but also the routines and evaluation carried out by all participants. Its educational purpose is manifested in the adopted methodologies, among which we underline a non-directive approach, learning through discovery and development-based education.   

The guiding principles behind these activities are:
1. Do not do for the sake of doing. The activities are means to attain goals and not ends in themselves.
2. Do not do for, do with. Children and youths are actors and not consumers of activities, thus implying their active participation.
3. Do not do any old how: the processes that enable us to obtain results are far more important than the results themselves.

These actions have the regular support of the Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth (IPDJ).

The above-mentioned activities are licensed pursuant to section 5 of Decree-Law no 32/2011, of 7th March (Registration no. 145/DRLVT).

Vairão Holiday Camp

These facilities are located in a very old village, 8 km away from the municipality of Vila do Conde. Known […]