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Training Courses and Workshops

Illustration: Nuno Saraiva

Our Leaders Training Centre was created to respond to the need to train youth leaders and enable their continuous and/or complementary training, through courses in specific areas and thematic seminars.

Following the guiding principles on which all APCC dynamics are based, the Center seeks to overcome some of the shortcomings in the area of socio-cultural youth leadership and to remain permanently updated in this area.

Basic and complementary training courses and workshops are promoted, as well as seminars aimed at teaching techniques and skills that allow activities in several areas to be boosted.

APCC’s training courses and workshops cover the entire national territory and are open to all interested parties, although they are mainly aimed at those who intend to develop activities in the area of youth leadership.

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APCC’s Training Center is Certified as a Training Entity by DGERT (official training certification department).